Uncomfortable and Okay

The last two weeks have been nothing less than uncomfortable. But amazingly enough I’m okay with it. God shut a huge door in my life. I struggled for a while with it. I was okay with Him shutting the door, but I didn’t like how it happened. If I believe God shut the door and I am okay with it, can I be mad about it happened? I really didn’t feel like I could. It made me feel like I had something in me that wasn’t fulling trusting if I was upset with how it happened. But after a word of confirmation that it wasn’t man doing this but it was God made such a difference. I had more joy and freedom. Sometimes the enemy will bring it up or I’ll have a thought that will make me want to respond in bitterness, but I keep reminding myself that I’m in God’s will and that brings me all the joy I need. I have absolutely no idea what God is doing other than getting me to depend completely on Him. But I am so excited for the things to come. Less than two and a half months until we leave for Mexico!


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