A Day of Delays

Tuesday morning I work up at 4:00am so I could get ready and pack up the last few things I would use to get ready with. We were picked up at 5:30 and headed to the Indy airport. Our flight left at 8:35am and surprisingly I slept for part of the flight. The plane was supposed to land in Dallas at 10:00am, and then we had a flight to San Antonio that was scheduled to leave at 11:00am. Well… we learned on our first flight that there was a lot of rain so we were in holding pattern. We didn’t land until 10:50am. There’s no way we could make our next flight in 10 minutes. I was so hoping that it would be delayed. We rushed from gate C11 to C29. Once we got the gate, we confirmed that our flight was in fact delayed until 12:30pm. We had time to get some food and rest. But by this time Joel wasn’t feeling well. He doesn’t always travel well. The longer we sat there they worse he felt. 12:15pm passes and they haven’t announced for anyone to start boarding. No delays were mentioned, but at 12:30pm we started to board. Joel got a text alert that our flight was delayed until 1:00pm. Then we sat there. And sat there. And stat there some more. Then he got another alert that it was delayed until 1:25pm. So we continued to sit there and got another alert that it was delayed until 2:10pm. Ugh. Really? Why on earth are we on the plane?? A passenger beside us asked a flight attendant if they have an estimated departure time. She said no… because there’s no pilot for the plane yet. And again, why on earth on we siting on the plane?! Finally, we get the two pilots we need. However, the pilot comes on and announces that there was maintenance issue. Ahhh!! Joel gets another alert that our flight is scheduled is to leave at 2:45pm. It was 3:15pm when our flight finally taxied out. We should have already been at the mission by this point. We finally landed in San Antonio just after 4:00pm (which is 5:00pm Indiana time). It was so great to get off the plane. What should have been a three and a half hour trip turned into seven and a half hours. Now all we needed to do was pick up our luggage and we could start the three hour drive to the mission. And would ya know… our luggage is nowhere to be found. But Jesus loves us and Joel was able to pick it up at the counter. He said the people in front of him weren’t as fortunate.

We loaded up our bags and left the airport. So much for getting to the mission before dark… But oh well. God’s timing is perfect. We stopped to get some dinner in Eagle Pass, and then crossed the boarder. Lucky us it was still raining when we arrived which meant we got to make all the trips from the car to the house in the rain. After we ate we went straight to bed. It was still raining when we woke up this morning. We went to the store and spent most of the day resting including a little nap in the afternoon. Tomorrow will be more of an official day and we’ll start being productive. Pray for us as we adjust to a new life for the next few weeks. It’s not always easy living in a house that isn’t your house. I know that we’ll settle in, but it still isn’t our house. Pray that we hear God on what He wants and the role we’ll play here in the coming weeks.


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