Say Hello to My Little Friend

Last night we had dinner with Pastor Armando, his wife Nancy, and Adolfo and his wife Sonia who live at the Mission. It was a great time to get to know everyone. Pastor Armando’s English was so much better than I realized. We were able to carry on a full conversation with him. Joel and I are usually in bed pretty early. And with the time change here, it’s taking some time to adjust. We enjoyed everyone’s company until about 10:30 last night (so 11:30 our time). We were so tired, but it was such a good time.

This morning I got up and went to put the conditioner I bought at the store in the shower before I got in. I was greeted by a little lizard. I’m not a fan. There was no way I was getting in there so long as it was in there. I paged my personal exterminator (Joel) and he unwillingly came to my recuse. He doesn’t mind the occasional spider at home, but a lizard was new territory for him. He thought for a while how he could get it or what he could put it in. I told him I didn’t care where it went as long as it was out of the shower. Neither of us really expected him to be able to catch it since we know they’re super fast. He went downstairs and came back with two baggies, one on each hand. And would you know it, he got the lizard in the bag! lizzardOnce the shower was lizard-free I got in. Joel let it go outside. But now that means I have to watch out for scorpions and lizards. I won’t even mention the giant rattle snake the Adolfo’s family found outside only hours before we arrived Tuesday…. They killed it, skinned it, and are going to eat it. Um no thank you.


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