An Eventful Weekend

Yesterday was the first day since we arrived that it didn’t rain so we took advantage of it and spent some time outside. It was sunny and 69 degrees. The sun felt so good and it was just nice to get out of the house. We walked around the property and had some time for just the two of us. Miss Yolanda was at a women’s conference for the day so we practically had everything to ourselves.  IMG_2111We wanted to sit outside but our choice of seating is limited. So we decided to sit at the edge of the pool and put our feet in… except that there’s no water in it. But it was still nice to sit in the sun.

Later in the evening around 9:00 or so, Joel and I were inside on the couch and we heard the loudest BOOM. It literally sounded like a canon went off and blew a hole in the wall upstairs. Joel and I walked through the house but didn’t see anything out of the ordinary so we forgot about it. Then this morning, Miss Yolanda informed me that is a meteorite!! 10177852_967131349968393_5672632591716513644_nAt lunch this afternoon, the pastors told us that an autistic boy at the church who is really sensitive to the Holy Spirit told them last year to pray for protection because meteorites were coming. I heard today that there are supposed to be more hitting the city soon.

When we got to church this morning, we were greeted by our translator, Manuel. He translates for a living for medical institutions. Now that Yuri is in Indiana, I asked him who leads worship. I was hoping that it was someone as good as Yuri. I always loved hearing her usher in the Presence of God. And to my surprise, it’s Axel! IMG_2113He did a great job, and God showed up this morning. There were also dancers with tambourines and flags during worship. Pastor Gustavo and Miss Claudia had told us before service that they were speaking at another church this morning in Eagle Pass but we would see them after church. Since Pastor Gustavo wasn’t there, Ofe preached. She’s the church treasurer so it seemed appropriate the she talked about a money. IMG_2115Her message on tithing and why it’s important was great. I couldn’t help but think that her message wouldn’t go over well in America. The church doesn’t want someone preaching about money. But it was a great message for everyone, young and old.

After church we left with Ofe, her daughter, and Brian, went to pick up some meat and headed back to Pastor Gustavo’s house for lunch. Ofe’s husband, Hugo, grilled the steak, and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. (It was close to 3:00pm when we finally ate lunch). Today was probably the best day of our trip so far. It was so good to see everyone at the church and spend time with Pastor Gustavo and his family. They are so hospitable, it’s crazy. So many people including Pastor Gustavo and Miss Claudia have told us that if we need anything while we’re here all we have to do is call them. There is no doubt that we are loved. IMG_2119 IMG_2117


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