The Journey of Grocery Shopping

We went to the grocery store today. Getting a week’s worth of food isn’t as simple or quick as driving three minutes to Meijer. It’s a good 10-12 minutes to get to the border. Luckily today, there wasn’t much of a wait, but sometimes the cars are backed up to the end of the bridge. After we pay 26 pesos, we can cross the Mexico border. (As of today, it takes just over 13 pesos to make $1.) Then we drive a little farther down the bridge and get to the American border. They check our passports and then let us through. We drive to Wal Mart first to get household items. Our next stop is HEB to get most of our groceries. Today, when we left HEB, we stopped for lunch. And of course we went to Whataburger (not Joel’s favorite but Miss Yolanda wanted to splurge). After lunch, we crossed the border again. We drive through the “VIP” lane on the American side and Miss Yolanda flashes her card and automatically pays the $3 required to cross. Then when we get to the Mexico side, either a red or green light will flash. A green light means you can drive though. But the system randomly flashes red which means a vehicle must pull over and be checked. Once we’re back in Mexico, we go to HEB to get meat, milk, and produce. Those things are no longer allowed to be brought over from the US. Talk about a pain. So of course many of those things cost more because you have to buy them in Mexico. If the border patrol in Mexico catches you bringing back even an apple, the can take the apple and even the car! By the time we did all of those today, we were gone about five hours. Like I said, it’s never a quick trip.

Later in the evening, I helped Miss Yolanda set up for her monthly women’s tea meeting. This Saturday around 100 women will come to the mission for tea, worship, and fellowship. As we were working she shared with me how this ministry started. It was an incredible story that brought tears to my eyes. (I’ll share that in another post soon.)

The last few days haven’t been super eventful, but I realized today that I’m learning a lot. Miss Yolanda has many stories and so many experiences that she shares with us. She has such wisdom, and I’m trying to take in all I can. Pray for us as we continue to help in any way we can here. We really want to hear God and have peace about our next steps in life. And pray for the women’s meeting this Saturday. Miss Yolanda puts her heart and soul into these meetings. I have no doubt it will be a great time.


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