Tea Time

Joel and I spent some time this morning/afternoon helping Miss Yolanda get the last few details ready for the women’s meeting tomorrow. And as promised, here is the story of how this ministry began.
Miss Yolanda knew that she wanted to start these meetings but wasn’t sure if it was God’s plan or her plan. He gave her a vision of the auditorium all set up with fancy dishes and decorated tables. She told God she couldn’t afford to buy all that stuff. He said, when did I tell you you would have to buy anything?
Later, a church from a small town in Texas came to check out the mission to determine if it was something they wanted to sow into. She told them about her dream to meet with women in the community. By the end of the trip, the team knew they wanted to support the mission. When they returned to their church, they told the congregation that they wanted to collect dishes and take them to Miss Yolanda. So as people went to rummages and thrift stores, they needed to be on the lookout for dishes and tea cups. Then the pastor came up to the pulpit. He said, no, we will not give her junk. Go into your homes and bring your mother’s fine china that you never use. Later that night, the pastor heard his wife in the attic and thought what is she doing?! She came down with her grandmother’s fine china to give to Miss Yolanda.
After the church collected everything, a team went down to the mission. Miss Yolanda was busy with something, so the team convinced her they could set up the tables. She unwillingly let them take over. A while later, the team called for her to come and asked her to close her eyes. Miss Yolanda’s first thought was, oh no! What did they do?! But she closed her eyes and they led her to the auditorium. When she opened her eyes everything was set up just as she saw in her vision. All she could do was cry.
Now, several years later, this ministry has grown and impacted countless women in the city.




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