New Experiences

We had multiple new experiences throughout our day. I made a new friend at church this morning. Mariana is Oscar and Ofe’s daughter. She’s the sweetest thing and liked that I was speaking English with her mom.


After church Brian and Axel took us to a candy store after they couldn’t find a place to get coffee. It was rather cold in Mexico this morning so everyone was up for something warm to drink. But after we discovered every place was closed, we opted for a candy store. And this place was crazy! The shelves were packed with so many different kinds of candy. We searched the aisles for something that sounded good and that we couldn’t get in America. I found tootsie rolls and orange slices (both of which I love), but decided to go for just some plain chocolate. The boys convinced Joel to try some suckers (goat’s milk with caramel). IMG_2159

Brian and Axel took us back to their house, and we ate a snack before a birthday party at 4pm. It was a great time to sit and talk to one another. They practiced their English and we practiced our Spanish. While we were chatting, Hugo and Ofe came over. Hugo talked with Joel and offered to let us borrow his truck while we are here. He doesn’t use it regularly and since it has Texas plates, we can drive it without any issues. This is a huge blessing to us. Probably the biggest challenge we’ve faced being here is that we don’t have a vehicle of our own, so we must depend on others to take us places. One thing Joel and I are learning here is to ask when we need something. Neither of us are the type of people to ask for help, because we don’t want to be a burden to others. Hugo handed Joel the keys, and we left for the party in the truck.


We were the first ones to arrive at the party at 3:45 and helped unload some things. People slowly started coming in, but the party didn’t really start until 5pm (true Mexican style). While we were all sitting around the table talking, Joel and I (well more I agreed for us) that we would share at a youth service in a couple of weeks.  We will sharing about the importance of being in a relationship with a godly man or woman. We plan to talk about our own experiences, and how it’s important to keep God first. This Saturday we want to go and see what the service is like, and next Saturday we’ll share. So be on the lookout for that post! Before the party got underway, they passed out pop to all the tables. Joel and I quit drinking pop a couple of months ago and decided we weren’t going to start again. Pastor Gustavo asked us if we wanted any, and we told him and Miss Claudia that we don’t drink pop anymore. A little while later I saw him give Axel some money and Brian took the car keys. I had a feeling they were going to OXXO (their Circle K) to get us some water. Joel asked me later where Brian and Axel and went and I told him my theory. Less than five minutes later they walked in with bottles of water. I told Joel what they did was not necessary at all. But he reminded me that it is something we would do for them when they come to the states so we couldn’t expect anything different. He was right but it didn’t make it any easier to accept.

The kids played some games, and then the adults played some. Joel was forced to play a game, and ended up coming in second place. After all of that was over with, it was about 6pm and they finally started serving food. We ate some awesome chicken, rice, and beans. Once lunch, yes lunch, was over, Axel told us that his family had been invited somewhere for dinner and we were welcome to come. However, it was nearing 7pm and we were ready to head home for the first time since leaving the house for church at 9:30. So with our new ride, we drove back to the mission. It was a great day spent with family with lots of new Mexican experiences.


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