Navigating the City

Tuesday Joel and I ventured out on our own to Ofe’s house for lunch with her, Pastor Gustavo, Miss Claudia, and Axel. We took a couple of wrong turns, but we eventually made it. The city here is so much different than any place we’ve ever been. The streets go in weird directions, the lanes aren’t always clearly marked, and there are random speed bumps in the road. And since we don’t data here, we can’t use a map on our phone so it makes finding where we need to go that much more difficult. But we made it without having to stop or call anyone for help. Ofe made posole verde for lunch. When we walked in the house, it already smelled really good. For those who don’t know me well, I’m a very picky eater and I don’t like to try to new foods. But’s it’s something I’m working on especially being in a foreign country. However, the smell of the soup definitely had me excited to try it. It was chicken soup with white corn. I’ve lived in Indiana my whole life. How have I never heard of white corn?! Come to find out, it’s actually called hominy, which is a form of corn. It didn’t have a lot of taste, but the soup was still really good.

After lunch, Joel went with Pastor Gustavo and Axel to look at a neighbor’s water heater. As soon as they returned they left to get Brian who had been in a car accident. Luckily, he was okay. However, his car was not so good. And to make matters worse, the bus driver who turned into him tried to blame the accident on him. Joel went with the guys so he was able to experience the process in Mexico (which is very different than in the US). Basically, you don’t want to get in an accident in Mexico. If one party involved in an accident knows the police, the other party is pretty much guaranteed to be blamed for the accident regardless of what really happened. So since we now have a vehicle, please pray we’ll stay safe!

Last night, Joel and I went to HEB in town by ourselves. This was a first for us. We left later in the evening hoping it wouldn’t be too busy but wanted to be back before dark. We needed to get some meat and produce so we headed off to the grocery store. We had everything we needed except milk. It’s at the opposite end of the store and usually the last thing we get before we check out. However, today when we arrived the cooler, we greeted with an unwanted surprise. There was plenty of almond and soy milk, but there was no (cow’s) milk! IMG_2180This isn’t something we can bring over the border (or at least, that’s what we’ve been told). I love milk and would rather not go without it. So we left and decided to stop at Soriana on our way back. Soriana is like Wal Mart. It sells food, clothing, and other household items. We bought half a gallon to hold us over. There is a Little Caesars right next to the grocery store and Joel and I both agreed that it sounded good. I’m not one who wants to eat out a lot, but with a lack of fast-food since we arrived, it definitely sounded good. We walked in and Joel order a pizza but all they accepted were pesos and we didn’t have enough to get a pizza. We both walked out feeling a little disappointed. After a couple more wrong turns, we ended up making it back to this mission before the sun was completely set. Mission accomplished.

Today, Joel and I plan to go into Eagle Pass. By ourselves. Crossing the border without any help will be a first for us. We need to get the rest of our groceries and we may splurge a little and get some good food to eat for lunch. Pray for us that we’ll have a safe trip crossing the border both ways. There are always a few nerves crossing into Mexico, but I have a feeling there will be some extra nerves today.


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