A Day of Firsts

Today Joel and I had some firsts. Miss Yolanda left this morning to head to Houston for a dentist appointment on Monday. It’s about a five hour drive from the mission to Houston, so she wanted to leave over the weekend. Plus her daughter and her family live in Houston, so she always makes time to see them while she’s there. Miss Yolanda should be back on Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest. So that means it’s just Joel and me in the house for a couple of days. It’s a little weird but not necessarily a bad thing. Adolfo and Sonia will still be here while she’s gone. Thankfully we have Google translate since our translator won’t be here.

This evening we attended the youth service at Pastor Gustavo’s church. They had chairs set up in a semicircle at the front next to the stage. The lights were dimmed and it was a close, intimate setting. We sang a couple of worship songs and after some announcements for upcoming events, Walter (the youth pastor) came up to preach. I realized at that moment that I’ve never heard Walter preach and I got a little excited. Manuel (our translator) helps with the youth service, so he was already there and willing to translate the service for us. Walter spoke out of Daniel and talked about God giving us dreams and getting rid of idols in our lives. He showed a short video about Daniel meeting with the king to interpret his dream. It was a great message, and many people responded at the end of service. Image-1

After the service was over, we confirmed with Walter that we are in fact speaking next week. He wants us to talk about how we met. Okay, we can do that. Then he told Joel he wants him to share about how to pray for a wife. Wait, what? Um… does he know that Joel prayed for years for me? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t. Totally God. And totally awesome. Yeah we can definitely share. Joel and I are going to write down the main points we want to cover. I know if I don’t, then I’ll end up all over the place. I could talk for an hour by myself, so I need notes to keep me on track. Before next week we’ll go over it together and figure out what we want to say.

Please pray for us as we are here without Miss Yolanda for the next few days. Pray for her that her appointment goes well, and she has a safe trip home. Please also pray for us as we prepare for next week. I want our words to be guided by the Holy Spirit and for the words to be heard and received by the youth. Over the last week, I’ve heard from a few people  that they’re praying for us, and I can’t tell you how much that means to us! Thank you to everyone who is praying for us!


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