Happy Thanksgiving from Mexico

We had  a large crowd sitting around the table Thanksgiving day. There were tons of traditional Thanksgiving food and desserts. We shared what we were thankful for. There was even a kids’ table. It was a great day outside. No snow here! Only 70 degrees and sunshine.


On Wednesday, I helped Miss Yolanda prepare some of the food so we wouldn’t have so much work on Thursday. We got all of the desserts ready and put in the fridge. We got all of the ingredients ready to make the stuffing the next morning as well as the baked red potatoes. You can’t find regular Idaho potatoes around here so Miss Yolanda didn’t want to make mashed potatoes. But I was perfectly okay with baked potatoes (because I don’t eat mashed potatoes). The turkey was thawing and we had a good head start on the next day’s meal.

Thanksgiving 14
Top Row Left to Right: Pastor Armando, his wife Nancy, their daughter Camilia, Adolfo, Sonia, Miss Yolanda, Norma, Joel, Brittani- Bottom Row Left to Right: Pastor Armando’s son, Ariel, Sammy, Misael

Thursday morning we baked the potatoes, crescent rolls, stuffing, green bean casserole, and most importantly, the turkey. Everyone arrived around 3pm and we quickly filled our plates with food. We ate on fine china… I mean Chinet with paper napkins and plastic silver wear. This kept us from having to wash a mountain of dishes later. We enjoyed everyone’s company and talked for a few hours. Thanksgiving isn’t typically celebrated in Mexico. However, since we are so close to the border, some families like taking time to be intentionally thankful. Miss Yolanda’s family spent Thanksgiving this year with in-laws so it worked out well that we were here. She invited those that she is closest with to spend the holiday with us. Since Joel and I decided we weren’t going out for Black Friday shopping this year, we sat on the couch together and did some shopping online. By Friday morning, I had finished shopping for him for Christmas. I felt pretty accomplished. We have to be careful of anything we buy while we’re here since we have a weight limit and limited space in our suite cases on the way home. With only a couple of weeks before Christmas once we return, I’m getting everything done online that I can.

We only have a couple weeks left before we return home. Please continue to pray for God’s will and direction in our lives. We want to get everything out of this trip that we possibly can.


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