The Wait is Worth It

Joel and I had the honor of speaking at the youth service last night. Joel was a little nervous at first, but I was excited. I knew this was God. When we first arrived, Miss Claudia asked us if we would preach at a youth service. But uhhh… we’re not preachers. If I talk it’s usually only for five minutes, 10 minutes tops. I had considered giving my testimony, but I decided not to say anything. A couple of weeks ago when Pastor Gustavo and Miss Claudia picked us up for church, the topic got brought up again. We said no, we don’t preach. She asked if we would give our testimony, and so I agreed to that. That night at the birthday party, we got together with Walter about setting a day to speak. Joel and I wanted to go the next youth service to get a feel for it and see what it was like. Walter asked us to speak about the importance of marrying a godly man or woman. Last week after the service was over, we confirmed with Walter that we would speak the following week. He asked Joel specifically if he would talk about how to pray for a wife. This is when I knew it was God. Walter had no idea that Joel prayed for eight years for a wife.  I knew God had something in store for the service.

We had Manuel there to translate for us. Joel started out by sharing his journey to finding a wife. He told them the importance of not compromising and trusting God in His timing. He also shared with them about our relationship. We met and became friends on our first trip to Mexico. During one part, he told them how he sold things to buy my engagement ring. But he didn’t sell junk. He sold his Xbox and some speakers among other things. When Joel told them this, you would have thought he sinned. One of the guys in the crowd said wow, he must really love her. They were definitely taking it all in.


I shared with the girls about the importance of praying specifically for their future husband and dating to marry. We each shared some funny stories and there were a lot “awwwws” from the crowd. I told them that it’s the man’s job to pursue the woman. They also need to guard their heart, and seek counsel from their leadership. Once we were finished sharing with them, Walter had Joel pray for all of the guys and I prayed for all of the girls. IMG_2267We got some good feedback from a few of the youth, as well as Walter and his wife. Miss Claudia heard the end of it and also said that it was good. She said that they have heard some of this before, but it always helps to hear it from someone else that they aren’t used to hearing. After thinking about it later, I realized they trusted us and put a lot of faith in us by letting us speak and having no idea what we would say. IMG_2284After the service was over, we left and went with Pastor Gustavo and his family to a family’s house for dinner. When we pulled up the house, we were greeted by a grill and lots of chicken. I’m beginning to think that all people eat in Mexico is chicken. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and I’m not complaining. But we’ve eaten a lot of grilled chicken in the few weeks we’ve been here. Even though I’m not always the most social person, I’ve really enjoyed meeting new people and spending time with our church family here. It was another humbling experience, as they were appreciative of us coming over to eat with them. Their hospitality is beyond words.




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