A Change of Plans

Yesterday was our last Sunday here. It was a lot harder for me than I anticipated. Saying goodbye is always hard, but I wasn’t prepared for yesterday. I had hoped it would be easier since we were here longer, but I think that’s what made it harder. We got so close to so many people. Keeping up over Facebook just isn’t the same. I am missing home, but I know I will also miss everyone here.

We don’t usually know what Sunday lunch will look like ahead of time or what our entire Sunday afternoon/evening looks like for that matter. We ate lunch at Pastor Gustavo’s and Miss Claudia made posole rojo. It’s the same chicken soup with hominy but is red instead of green like the one Ofe made us. It was good and my tongue is still burnt from eating it.

Before we left church, a couple of the girls in the youth group invited us to go ice skating later in the evening. We agreed to go. And then Manuel asked us on behalf of a couple in the church if we could go to dinner Wednesday night. However, we had to decline because we leave Thursday morning and we’ll have too much to to do. We felt bad disappointing them.

Once we got to Pastor Gustavo’s house, we got an invitation for dinner that night. Talk about social overload. We told Axel that we agreed to go ice skating so we weren’t sure what to do. Ice skating ended up getting cancelled. Then dinner ended up getting cancelled. So Brian invited us to the movies. He was going to see Exodus. Joel and I were good with that especially since it would be in English and have Spanish subtitles.

While we waited to leave for the movies, Joel played the Spanish version of Monopoly with Brian, Natalie, and her daughter Mariana. Monopoly is Joel’s favorite board game, and he and Brian were getting competitive. Mariana (who’s about 5 years old) was so upset when they had to put up the game because we were leaving. She’s the cutest.

We got to the movies and it cost Joel and me $7 to get in. We figured it would be cheap, but it was still a surprise. Brian and Axel asked if that was cheap or expensive and we told them very cheap. We walked in there was the concessions stand. They asked us if we wanted popcorn now or half way through the movie. We were a little confused. There is an intermission in the middle of movie. It was super weird but we decided to get some then. The movie was scheduled to start at 5:45. And it started at 5:45. No previews. Brian said that normally there are previews so this was weird for them too. We found our seats in the dark because we walked in at the last second. But it was fun. We enjoyed spending time with everyone.


Top Left to Right: Axel, Joel, Dara, Brian, Odeett, Rosa, Brittani

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