Seeing God’s Provision

When I lost my job at the end of October, it cut our income by more than half. We were so used to living a certain lifestyle, and I certainly wasn’t excited to tighten up our budget in every area. 

Having the church help with much of our expenses for Mexico was huge! After we returned and the holidays were behind us, I got my substitute permit. Everyone kept telling me oh, this school is always in need of subs, that school always needs more subs. So I applied at one school system and was on the list for two elementary schools and the jr high three days a week. I wanted a couple of days to work on cards. But three weeks went by and I hadn’t been called to sub. I was starting to question it. I thought there was a sub shortage? So I started praying about applying to other schools, but I clearly heard God say no. Well, alrighty then. I kept waiting and worked on school and my card business. Then on a Thursday morning, I got a call to sub for a kindergarten class. I was excited and a little nervous. It ended up going great! But I was so exhausted when I got home. It had literally been 3 months since I had worked a full day and those kids are draining. I was called once a week for the next couple of weeks. It’s been a little more consistent the last few weeks though. 

A couple weeks ago, Joel and I started a Whole30. On this detox we can only eat meat, fruits, vegetables, eggs (which I don’t like at all) and nuts (except peanuts). I was hoping this would help some serious stomach problems I’ve been having (and it definitely has!). However, the first week we bought food that was “whole30 approved”, we spent 2/3 of our food budget for the month. Granted, we had a lot of meat that would last a couple of weeks, but still. This was going to be expensive. 

Even though I’ve been subbing a little more, it’s still not a lot. I’m only making eight something an hour. But somehow we haven’t had to dip into our savings at all since I lost my job. We’ve been able to buy everything we need and pay all of our bills. A couple months ago we needed $100 to finish paying our bills for the month and I received $120. We even made a payment on my student loan today! I have no idea how we had that kind of extra money but we did. (Since I’m still a student, I’m not required to make payments yet.) This is completely God, and I want to give Him the glory for providing for all of our needs! 


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