Giving Grace (to Myself)

I finish school in less than two months. This bachelor’s degree has been a long time coming. My current HR class is starting off pretty rough though. The prof is very critical and wants perfect APA format for all assignments. I checked my grades for the first week’s assignments today and got an 86% on my paper. I wasn’t very happy. I felt that I did better than 86%. I found myself thinking , I’ll never be able to please this professor. And then I felt a check from the Holy Spirit. Is that my goal… To please her? Or is it to please God? An 86% isn’t a bad grade. I worked hard on it and even though I expected a better grade, I did my best. 

Early on in my online program, I was checking my grades and got upset because I missed a point on a assignment. Joel’s response was really, it’s only a point. Exactly. I was one point away from getting 100%. And then I thought, but only missing one point is still really good. It’s okay not to be perfect all the time. I can give myself grace. It’s so easy for me to beat myself when I’m not perfect. I have such high standards for myself because I know what I’m capable of so when I don’t meet those standards I tear myself up over it. So as God has shown me this, I’ve started giving myself grace. 

Today I reminded myself that I have grace. I don’t live to please my professor or to be a perfect student. I know that this class will continue to be a struggle as I don’t do as well as I would like. But I have grace. I don’t have to be perfect. And I choose to walk in that freedom. 


One thought on “Giving Grace (to Myself)

  1. Wow Brittani, that’s a good word! I struggle with the same unrealistic expectations of myself. Just Sunday morning, I forgot to turn on the Samsung TV screen at church, and I kept messing up on the power point. I had to keep casting down the condemning thoughts. It is a battle that we can win by keeping our eyes fixed on Christ instead of ourselves and others.

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