Baby Update and Reveal

I’ll start with the reveal because I know that’s why most of you are here! And for those who are wondering… I was wrong. (Only a handful of people knew my guess.)

I haven’t posted any baby updates because there really haven’t been any. Things are going really well with baby and me. I had a couple weeks where I had some really minor morning sickness off and on but otherwise it wasn’t an issue. Occasionally I’ll have heartburn. And I pee. A lot. But the biggest thing has been back pain which was expected since it was something I already dealt with prepregnancy. For those who may not know, I had surgery for scoliosis almost 11 years ago. They put in a lot of hardware to straighten out my back, and as a result I’ve dealt with a lot of back pain since then. When I got to 10 weeks I started having really intense back and pelvic pain which I wasn’t expecting so early. It makes it hard to sleep some nights, but other wise I’m really really enjoying growing this baby.

Another challenge I’ve faced is learning my new physical limits. I can’t do everything I used to do; I can’t push myself as hard I once could. So I’m learning when to say no to things and when to rest even when there’s still things that need done.

I’ve heard women say how hard being pregnant is. Some so much so that they don’t want any more kids. But I’ve also heard women say how much they love it. I think going into it I wanted to love the process and having that positive mindset has made all the difference. I think having a miscarriage has also played into it. It made me want this all the more. After experiencing loss, I found myself wanting to feel common pregnancy symptoms to feel like I was having a “normal” pregnancy. But I really haven’t had a normal pregnancy, and that’s been a good thing. I haven’t had a lot of negative symptoms. But even more than that, I haven’t been fearful of loss again. I’ve had so much peace, and I know that’s not normal in pregnancy after loss. Aside from baby and me being healthy, I’m most thankful for this.

We’ve started to work on the nursery. I plan to make all of the decorations that I’ll use in the nursery. I’ve had a vision for this room since early on in this pregnancy. I got my inspiration from a cake. Yes, a cake. I hope to post pictures of the nursery in a few months after things are complete.

My original due date was set for June 8. However, at my appointment last week, I was possibly measuring a week ahead. And then at my ultrasound, the baby was also measuring just over a week ahead. The ultrasound tech said based on measurements my due date would be May 29. But it won’t be officially changed, if changed at all, until my appointment next month.


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