Mom Status

This isn’t my first Mother’s Day, and I realize that everyone may not see it that way at first glance. And in the past I would have been the same way. But it’s my heart to help others understand what it’s like to be a mom with a baby in heaven. 

I am a mom. A mom of two. When people ask, that’s how I want to respond. Every time. But it’s not always easy explaining that my first is in heaven. So let’s start here. I took a pregnancy test and it showed me two pink lines (meaning it was positive). I had a living baby growing in my womb. That instantly made me a mom. Losing him at 11 weeks didn’t take away my mom status. I’m still a mom. I’m still his mom, and always will be. 

Last Mother’s Day was less than three months after my miscarriage. I was still grieving this great loss. I never imagined that I wouldn’t have my baby on my first Mother’s Day. But I had some great women surrounding me that day. They recognized me as a mom with flowers, cards, and prayers. And by them recognizing me as a mom, they were also honoring the life I carried. Yes it was messy. I cried a lot of tears that day. But that didn’t stop them from loving me right where I was. It’s something I was so thankful for, and I will never forget it.

So is there a woman in your life who’s hurting today? One who’s missing her baby? I want to encourage you to encourage her. Don’t let fear stop you. Fear of making her cry. Or fear of bringing up sad memories. She might cry. It might remind her of a terrible day. But more importantly she’ll appreciate you thinking of her and her baby. She wants others to recognize the life she carried just like she does. It gives her joy, and hope, and peace. It’s easy to feel so alone in this situation. Let her know she’s not. Let her know you see her as the mom she is; the perfect mom for her perfect child. 


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