A Change of Plans

Yesterday was our last Sunday here. It was a lot harder for me than I anticipated. Saying goodbye is always hard, but I wasn’t prepared for yesterday. I had hoped it would be easier since we were here longer, but I think that’s what made it harder. We got so close to so many people. … More A Change of Plans

Outside of Comfort

As we were waiting to leave Sunday after church, we got two invitations from church members to come to their house for lunch. We kindly accepted and set up times to come over with Pastor Gustavo and Miss Claudia because would also be there. Thankfully. For our introverted anti-social personalities, this is far beyond our … More Outside of Comfort

A Day of Firsts

Today Joel and I had some firsts. Miss Yolanda left this morning to head to Houston for a dentist appointment on Monday. It’s about a five hour drive from the mission to Houston, so she wanted to leave over the weekend. Plus her daughter and her family live in Houston, so she always makes time to see … More A Day of Firsts

Navigating the City

Tuesday Joel and I ventured out on our own to Ofe’s house for lunch with her, Pastor Gustavo, Miss Claudia, and Axel. We took a couple of wrong turns, but we eventually made it. The city here is so much different than any place we’ve ever been. The streets go in weird directions, the lanes aren’t … More Navigating the City

New Experiences

We had multiple new experiences throughout our day. I made a new friend at church this morning. Mariana is Oscar and Ofe’s daughter. She’s the sweetest thing and liked that I was speaking English with her mom. After church Brian and Axel took us to a candy store after they couldn’t find a place to … More New Experiences

Tea Time

Joel and I spent some time this morning/afternoon helping Miss Yolanda get the last few details ready for the women’s meeting tomorrow. And as promised, here is the story of how this ministry began. Miss Yolanda knew that she wanted to start these meetings but wasn’t sure if it was God’s plan or her plan. … More Tea Time