Stubborn Faith 

I would have been 35 weeks today. This year has proven to be the greatest roller coaster I’ve ever been on. But over the last couple of weeks God has really healed the void in my heart. (If you missed the last post, you can read about our miscarriage here.) It had been my goal … More Stubborn Faith 

My Worshipper

It was never my intention to share this so publicly. At least not yet. But at the same time I had a pull to do so and after some confirmation here I am. Shachah.  Pronounced shaw-khaw. The Hebrew word meaning to bow down [in worship]. As I was praying one day, I asked God to … More My Worshipper

Seeing My Promises

A lot has happened in the last couple of months, and I had multiple post topics in mind but they never got written. So instead I’ll wrap it all up in one and start from the beginning.  When Joel and I returned from Mexico I started substituting at a local elementary. This was a step … More Seeing My Promises

God Provides

Two months ago, I started a new job. And I absolutely love it. I work as a teacher’s aide with second grade students. I never imagined so would like teaching, but I love working with the kids everyday. My job is temporary and currently only gauranteed until the end of the school year. But I … More God Provides

Growing Pains

The last three months have been a time of stretching and growing. Coming back from Mexico I felt a little lost. I’ve prayed about missions for the last four years. I had the opportunity to do what I wanted, but it wasn’t the right time. Talk about discouraging. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so glad … More Growing Pains

Adjusting to Home

I had full intentions of writing several days ago, but time always seemed to get away from me. We have been home for three and a half weeks, but it feels more like three and a half months. Life is so much busier here. Plus the holidays had us extra busy. And since we only … More Adjusting to Home

A Change of Plans

Yesterday was our last Sunday here. It was a lot harder for me than I anticipated. Saying goodbye is always hard, but I wasn’t prepared for yesterday. I had hoped it would be easier since we were here longer, but I think that’s what made it harder. We got so close to so many people. … More A Change of Plans