All Good Things Must Come to an End

I can’t believe it’s our last day here. It feels like we’ve been gone forever and at the same time I can’t believe the trip is over. There are so many things I’m missing though. Of course I miss friends and family, but I really miss the comforts of my own home like my bed and my couch and I really miss my kitchen. But I have been so caught off guard with how much I will miss everyone here. The last three days have been filled with tears of sadness. My heart aches as I say goodbye to these beautiful people. There are no words for the hospitality they have shown us. I have no doubt this trip has and will impact us more than we realize at this moment.

Looking back there are some things I am disappointed about. I didn’t get to learn how to cook many authentic Spanish dishes. We also didn’t pick up as much Spanish as I thought we would. I learned some new words but nothing substantial. However, we learned so much more about the culture being here for more than a week. I told Joel we’ll be in culture shock when we get home. Kind of joking but kind of serious. I’ve adjusted to the slow paced life here. I’m not ready to be busy and racing around everywhere like we do at home. We spent time with people throughout the week which doesn’t and almost can’t happen at home. Then weekends are full of running around doing things you didn’t have time for during the week. You have all the time in the world here. The border is literally miles away and its a whole different world here. Although, Eagle Pass feels like Mexico. Some of the cashiers at Wal Mart don’t speak English.

Our day is full of packing and cleaning (and homework for me). We leave bright and early Thursday morning to head to San Antonio. It will certainly be a busy day of travel. Well over 12 hours (without any delays).

Please pray we’ll have a safe trip. No delays or cancelled/missed flights. And health. Joel and airplanes don’t always get along the best. Please also pray for one of the pastors in the city. I don’t know his name (but Jesus does). Monday night we went to the pastors’ Christmas dinner with Miss Yolanda. There they shared with everyone one of the pastors was in a bad accident. Yesterday we learned that his wife and baby were killed in the accident. I can’t imagine that kind of loss.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s prayers and support through this journey. It means so much more to us than you know.


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